Dr. Jim Ed Watson selects each member of his Jackson, MS dentist office staff based on their experience, education, skill, training and personality. Once chosen and hired as a staff member, each must successfully complete additional training overseen by Dr. Watson. This training covers all aspects of aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we bring to our positions and the educational background we have to offer our patients. Our team is dedicated to educating everyone we meet about the breakthroughs and opportunities available in our practice. We are truly excited about the almost-overnight dental results that can be achieved for our patients!

It is gratifying to be part of a group that changes the lives and challenges the beliefs of the dental patients we care for on a daily basis. Even more gratifying are the looks of satisfaction and growing confidence we see on our patients’ faces when they leave our Jackson dentist office. That renewal of confidence is the real motivation behind everything we do.

Dental Technology and Advanced Dental Care

At Jackson Center for Smiles, we pay special attention to the safety and comfort of our patients. Dr. Watson and Dr. House use bio-compatible materials and equipment, including mercury-free fillings, digital x-rays for reduced radiation, and purified distilled water during all dental treatments.

During your visit to Jackson Center for Smiles you will have the benefit of the state-of-the-art technology, techniques, materials and equipment to provide you with top-notch dental care in Jackson, MS.

Relaxing Dentistry

Eliminating anxiety for our patients is a priority. We know that most patients relate dentistry to pain. We want to dispel that myth! Our focus is giving our patients a relaxing, renewing experience when they visit our Jackson dental office. We are able to accomplish this in a variety of ways.

We work with our dental patients to relieve feelings of anxiety or concern. Our doors are open to those dreading treatment, or those who have had bad experiences in the past.

Our team is dedicated to making dental care affordable for our patients. We extend several different types of financing to ensure our patients can have the look they want, without having to deny themselves due to monetary constraints.