Many Jackson residents who are worried about their overall health forget to factor in the importance of oral health to their well-being. One of the conditions associated with oral health is periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease: a bacterial infection in the gum tissue.

Gum disease can be characterized by red or puffy gums, bad breath, and gums that bleed while brushing or flossing, but are not always indicative of the disease. Bacteria that have infected the gum tissue and remain untreated can have long term damage to oral health, including loss of teeth and jaw bone structure.

The American Dental Association and the American Heart Association have also determined that periodontal disease is linked to other health issues, including heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes.

At Jackson Center for Smiles, Dr. Watson uses Laser Periodontal Therapy (LANAP) a laser-based approach to gum disease treatment. Using a free running pulsed laser, LANAP requires specific knowledge and skills drawn from years of practicing dentistry, and additional training. Here’s what it means to you: significantly quicker healing time and a non-surgical approach to treating gum disease, which means less discomfort.

The reasons we use Laser Periodontal Therapy to treat our patients is to remove only the diseased tissue without removing any of the healthy tissue, minimize pain and discomfort to the patient, allow faster healing to take place, and in many cases save the surrounding bone tissue. Controlling periodontal disease makes it possible to save and restore otherwise hopeless involved teeth. Dr. Watson can help you avoid periodontal disease through regular visits and education on proper home care.

Contact our Jackson dentist office today to learn more about how you can prevent periodontal disease, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Watson.

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