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“Our Vision is to care for our patients honestly and compassionately while providing exceptional dental care in a warm and inviting environment where you are treated like family.”

– Dr. Jim Ed Watson and team

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Jackson Center for Smiles

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Experience and Quality Should Come First

We’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours training, practicing, and continuing education to ensure that our patients receive outstanding service. At Jackson Center for Smiles we do what is best for our patients, first and foremost. Our positive patient reviews are a testament to our ability to provide quality dental care. Do you really want to sacrifice high-quality care to save money?

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“I chose Dr. Watson based on his impeccable credentials. My only regret is not finding him 6 years ago. He was willing to explain in detail what treatment I need and was willing to take the time to answer my questions. His office staff came as an extra bonus. So professional yet so friendly. And I am so appreciative.

A year later and I have the same opinion. Dr. Watson is a fantastic dentist. I firmly believe you get what you pay for.”

- Dallas Cowart

If cared for properly, your teeth can look beautiful and function just as nature intended. Taking chances with something as important as your teeth is ill-advised, to say the least. Take chances on different paint colors for your house, a new restaurant, or an author you’ve been meaning to read; when it comes to your teeth, however, treat yourself to the dental care you deserve. You work hard and your teeth work hard for you. Take care of yourself and your teeth so that they will last.

You Deserve the Best
Quality Dental Care

“Your smile leaves an impression. Discover how Jackson Center for Smiles can help you improve your smile.” ~ Dr. Watson

Complete Your Treatment and Receive
Complimentary Whitening for Life!

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Don’t Be Fooled By Low-Cost Dentistry

The bottom line for quality dental care is fairly consistent, so when a dentist offers a discounted service, you have to wonder how they are saving you money while still affording their overhead.

In some cases, the materials they use are subpar
In others, their equipment is outdated
Then there are others who haven’t invested in continuing education

Investing in quality materials, state-of-the art equipment, and education on new methods in dentistry all benefit YOU – the patient – by making your experience and results as excellent as possible.

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“I think Dr.Watson and his staff are wonderful. Everyone from the front office to the back is pleasant, patient, and truly enjoy the work that they do. When I first came to Dr. Watson, I was scared, nervous, and embarrassed to smile. When I felt like there was no hope, Dr Watson assured me that he could help fix my simle, and he did just that. Now I smile and I’m not embarrassed to smile!”

- Charla Dixon

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Unlike dentures and other options, dental implants are permanent fixtures in your mouth. The other benefits are life-changing, such as:

  • Stability

    Dental implants are as secure and stable as your natural teeth, so you won't need to worry about slipping dentures!

  • Freedom

    Because they’re permanent, dental implants give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods. Your "DO NOT EAT" list will never contain simple pleasures like raw fruits and veggies, a hearty steak, or saltwater taffy.

  • Simplicity

    Implants are basically another tooth, so you won't need to do any overnight soaking, dental adhesives, or newfangled implements: you will care for your dental implants just as you would your natural teeth.

  • Confidence

    Next time a friend says, "Say Cheese!", the LAST thing on your mind will be what others think of your smile. Forget about covering your mouth when you laugh; dental implants will leave you yearning to share.

We know you’re looking for the perfect solution
to fit all of your dental care needs.

Your solution, however, isn’t to find the cheapest options possible. It’s to find a dentist who cares not just about one procedure that brings you into the office, but your overall health.

Complete Your Treatment and Receive
Complimentary Whitening for Life!

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Reviewed on Google

“Wouldn’t go any place else ! Dr. Watson and all his staff are kind, professional and genuinely interested in taking care of their patients. Highly recommended!”

- Stephanie Boone