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What to Do With Broken or Loose Teeth
December 13th, 2012 by Dr. Watson

If you or any of your Jackson area loved ones have ever injured a tooth, you know how stressful the experience can be. Whether your son hit his mouth on the kitchen table, your husband wasn’t wearing his mouth guard in a rec hockey league game, or your mother chipped her tooth on a walnut, we can help!

Jackson Center for Smiles wants to restore your chipped, cracked, broken, or loose tooth to as much of its previous health and appearance as we can, so we’ve given you some tips below for how to take care of the situation until you can get in to our Jackson office.

However a tooth gets fractured, cracked, chipped, broken, or knocked loose, what matters is how you respond to the situation. Here are some pointers if you find yourself dealing with a tooth injury:

If the tooth is still attached
Leave it there! No matter how loose it is, whether it’s hanging on by a thread; if it is connected in any way, do not try to remove it. It really is best to keep the tooth in your mouth. Call Dr. Watson as soon as possible and we can give you pointers on what to do next. If you’re in the Jackson area we will do our best to fit you in to an emergency appointment.

If the tooth is out of your mouth
First, if you find the tooth on the ground or in some other dirty place, make sure to rinse it off in lukewarm water. Don’t try to disinfect it, scrub it, or remove any tissue attached to it, however. Most importantly, do not let it dry out! All of these factors will make it very hard for Dr. Watson to put the tooth back in your mouth. Preserve the tooth in milk until you can get to our office; lukewarm water can be substituted if milk is not available.

Now get to the office!
Time is the most important factor determining whether or not Dr. Watson will be able to get the tooth back in your mouth or repair it successfully. Under 30 minutes is really the optimal choice, but re-implantation and repair are still possible after several hours when the tooth is properly cared for.

If you or a family member has broken or lost a tooth be sure to call us from anywhere in the Jackson area for advice on what to do next! We have emergency appointments available for your convenience.