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Post-Menopausal Women Need More Dental Checkups
September 12th, 2011 by Dr. Watson

This September, Dr. Watson is celebrating National Healthy Aging Month, which was established to broaden awareness of the positive side of aging, and to motivate improved health, financial and overall wellness. He wants to make sure all post-menopausal women in Jackson are aware of a new study from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic that affects how they care for their teeth.

The study was conducted by comparing women who took bone-strengthening bisphosphonate therapies for osteoporosis with those who did not take the medicine. While they originally set out to investigate the effects these drugs have on jaw bone deterioration, researchers ended up with findings that related to all post-menopausal women.

All of the women from both of the groups went to at least two dental checkups a year and brushed and flossed twice daily, according to the American Dental Association oral health standards. However, at the end of the study, they all had increased dental plaque, which is a major factor in determining the strength of the jaw bone.

Menopausal and post-menopausal women who are at risk for osteoporosis are also at risk for periodontal disease and the deterioration of bone density in the jaw. Any benefits from bone-strengthening medications can be counteracted by plaque, which contributes to gum disease and bone loss. If bone loss is not controlled, women can lose their teeth permanently.

The best way for Jackson women to avoid these complications is to see Dr. Watson to outline a treatment and oral health plan that is right for you. Aging does not have to take away your quality of life, and our office wants to do everything we can to maintain your function and comfort in your daily life.

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