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Fresh Breath for Your Valentine!
February 13th, 2012 by Dr. Watson

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and you’ve probably already made reservations, ordered flowers, and bought a card. But have you checked your breath lately? Bad breath can ruin any night, whether it’s a first date or a night out with your husband of twenty years.

No one wants to worry about their breath, especially not when you should be relaxing with a loved one. Our Jackson Center for Smiles staff will help in any way we can, and we thought a good start would be some tips about how to figure out if you have bad breath, where bad breath comes from, and what to do about bad breath.

Do I Have Bad Breath?

It can be really difficult to figure out if your breath is fresh or not. There are a number of little tricks you can try, but they aren’t very accurate in the long run. The best way really is to ask someone close to you.

It may seem scary to ask someone about your breath, but isn’t it better to know and work to fix it, then to not know and always wonder?

Causes of Bad Breath

Dry Mouth. If you’ve read our Dry Mouth blog post, you’ll know that this is the number one cause of bad breath. Saliva cleans your mouth as it circulates, getting rid of odor-causing bacteria. Our Jackson team has many ways to help with dry mouth, but the immediate solution is simple: drink more water!

Food. Everyone knows that onions and garlic make breath have a distinctive odor and this may not be exactly what you’re going for on your big, romantic night. Try bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste with you on your big date so that you can clean your teeth discreetly after you finish dinner.

Tobacco. Whether it’s smoking or chewing, tobacco interferes with your natural saliva production and very quickly leads to bad breath. Try staying away from tobacco during your date, or brushing your teeth as quickly as possible when you are finished.

Fixing Bad Breath

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’re going to say it again: the best way to maintain the beauty and health of your teeth is a consistent oral hygiene routine. If you have any questions, check out our oral hygiene page.

Chronic Bad Breath

If bad breath is a consistent problem for you or one of your loved ones, it could be an indication of a more serious health issue. Please be sure to mention it to our dental staff, either at your next appointment or by calling us with your concerns. Jackson Center for Smiles is always here to help you!