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Fireworks in Your Mouth!
July 4th, 2011 by Dr. Watson

Okay, so they’re not really fireworks. That would be dangerous. But LED mouthpieces are a really cool way to light up the Fourth of July night in Jackson and are now available from a variety of manufactures. Although LED mouthpieces had been around for a few years now, two designers in Japan made them famous when they used them to advertise a sale at their clothing store this winter, and greatly increased their popularity throughout the world.

Now, we’re not just talking about those 25 cent plastic vampire fangs you can get at Halloween that are supposed to glow in the dark. These “fronts” contain light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that you affix to your teeth which then glow and blink in different colors when you open your mouth. In fact, they are so bright that you can see them even with your mouth closed. What a great addition to the Jackson holiday festivities!

LEDs are not just for toys though, as they are one of the many technologies that can be used to whiten teeth. Unlike traditional light bulbs, this technology actually focuses all of its energy on producing light without emitting heat, so they are designed to keep from burning your skin and soft tissues.

For teeth whitening in a dental office, the LEDs are used in light-accelerated bleaching, speeding up the effectiveness of whitening gels and hopefully freeing you from having to make multiple appointments. For more information about these and other options, check out our teeth whitening page.

If you want to light up the night, look for an LED mouthpiece. But if you want to light up any room with your smile, ask Dr. Watson about adding teeth whitening to your next appointment. Call Jackson Center for Smiles today to have a beautiful Jackson smile!